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Create private groups for work and friends. Keep control of your data and who can see it.

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Get started by installing the app. You need this so you can encrypt and self-host your data.

Create a group

Posts made in the group are only visible to people with an invite link.

Send invites

You can easily invite or revoke access to your group by generating a link.

Simple & secure

Write updates for your investors

Share sensitive docs with your lawyers

Plan a secret event for VIPs only

Everything you do is encrypted. It is hosted securely on the group members computers. No cloud or logs for us to track.


 Write status messages

Share status updates with your group. No 140 character limit here.

 Publish articles

Write long-form articles. Style them in bold, italic, and more.

 Share links

Share interesting articles and docs from other services with your team.

 Post images

Share photos, fun memes, and screenshots.

 Emoji Reactions

Sprinkle your posts or react with 😂🤔🔥👍 and 💯s of emoji.


A picture is worth a thousand words. A cat video is worth millions.

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* Our chats are bridged, so everyone can talk in the same place.

Partner testimonials

  • Andrew Hill - CEO, Textile.

    Permaweb is one of the most exciting projects on the Internet right now. They are the only team combining the bleeding edge aspects of the DWeb with simple UX.

  • Derrick Foote - CEO, RTrade.

    The dedication and drive the Permaweb team has shown and the values it upholds aligns exactly with the beliefs of RTrades. Helping drive the adoption of Web 3.0 and decentralizing the future with their mainstream application is something we hope more companies can achieve.

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